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THE TERRORIST ATTACK in Boston was a tragedy; however, the saddest part of the story is that many people believe that the taxpayers should nurse the suspect back to health and provide him a multimillion-dollar defense team so he might get a fair trial.


WHY DID THE Run for Boston receive coverage, yet the Take Back the Day Run for Awareness for Sexual Violence go completely under the radar? The Boston Run is a worthy cause, but why not support victims of sexual violence that occur every day? Shame on The Augusta Chronicle.


BACKGROUND CHECKS for guns? OK. But background checks for a job is ridiculous. And you want people to get off welfare? How? Most who commit serious crimes had no warning signs, never in jail. The people who have been in jail want to fly straight now and the only place you can work is McDonald’s. Really? Wake up, America.


THESE DAYS IT sure is nice to watch a little television with all my commercials.


RANT AGAINST THE lies constantly published against the wonderful Obama administration. I wish The Augusta Chronicle would ban the stupid lies. We are not jumping feet first into foreign wars like Cowboy Bush put the country into.


NOW THAT THE Masters Tournament is over, can we still go ahead and keep pulling down all these signs for diabetes, homes to buy, etc.?


RELIGIOUS PEOPLE can lie, too. Look at all the lies from Republicans like Mitt Romney. Tell people one thing through the media but telling the truth behind closed doors to other wealthy Americans about how he really felt about the perceived 47 percent. Look at all the bozos who can’t get over that Obama was elected and their lies about his birth cannot prevail.


ANY HOTHEADS wanting our military to go 100 percent into other foreign wars like Syria, please take your guns and go. No one is stopping you. If our president wants to wisely restrain how far we go as he enjoins foreign forces for a concerted effort, I’m with him.


WELCOME TO the land of Obama. The Boston bombing suspect will not be tried as an enemy combatant, and the troops killed and wounded by his fellow Muslim at Fort Hood will not be receiving Purple Hearts.



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