Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THIS COUNTY WOULD be better off without public-funded education, so parents would have a vested interest in the return on their tuition.

IN KEEPING WITH Congress’ concern for public safety and preventing murder of innocents, our brilliant lawmakers will now have to pass legislation that requires a background check before you can purchase a pressure cooker. Seriously, unenforceable laws like the ones the geniuses in Washington continue to propose will not stop evil people who only want to do harm; but they will restrict the freedoms of us responsible, law-abiding citizens.

I WAS APPALLED TO see that a restaurant had a special Masters menu during tournament week and had things on it like a pimento cheese sandwich that they labeled a “Disgusta Special” and something called an “Uppity Yankee Club.” What kind of civic pride is that? The Masters brings millions of dollars annually in business to Augusta and these people were making fun of it. Classless.

RANT TO ANY religion that says that killing women and children is “God’s business”! That is Satan’s business.

HUGE RAVES TO Mr. Frierson at Garrett Elementary. What a breath of fresh air, he truly cares for the students and staff! He is an excellent administrator!

RANT TO EVANS Library Amphitheater. Northwood residents should be allowed to have their children play at the park, even when there is a concert. We are putting up with the crowds next to our backyards, and the loss of trees in the area that helped buffer the noise.

MOX RESULTED FROM A treaty with Russia to dispose of weapons grade plutonium. It was to be in operation in 2007, but the government kept slowing it down so that MOX did not get ahead of the Russians. The government is the cause of the delay and a majority of the cost overruns – any project that is delayed 10 years will be multiples of the original estimate.

TELL US HOW ON earth the tax commissioner’s office and that of procurement needed 54-88 hours of overtime pay?

BRAVO FOR THE great article about the Civil War driving tour hosted by ASU. Another great educational opportunity and how wonderful that it was free! I hope they will make this an annual event. With all those historians on campus, surely they can repeat this experience that I unfortunately missed.