Rants & Raves

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TODAY SO MANY people go to church and because they are all dressed up that everything is fine with God, but you don’t want to help your neighbor and be nice to other people. God is looking at your heart not what kind of clothes and diamonds you have on. God is in my heart, not my clothes or jewelry.

HOW IN THE WORLD can the Bush administration be at fault for all those Democrats who cheated on the test scores in Atlanta? Give me a break.

RANT FOR THE Chronicle if you don’t do a follow-up on the president’s promise to get to the bottom of the Boston bombings. Rep. Joe Wilson said that the president lies. Why don’t you do a story on the many promises this president has made which have turned out to be out-and-out lies?

WHAT’S THE POINT OF watching television in this day and time? There are no movies on there. There are just talk shows and advertisements. Why do you let your child watch that garbage?

LET’S KEEP OUR highway trash free. I spent 45 minutes picking up trash for an absentee landowner recently. There is a $1,000 fine for anyone caught littering.

TO THE FAMILY who has a pack of pit bulls and thinks that is OK, you have a time bomb in your home.

IF PEOPLE WOULD put their garbage in garbage bags and tie the top every time they put it in their trash cans, they would have no trouble with loose garbage falling out when the trucks dump it.

I DON’T KNOW WHY it was so difficult for Congress to pass the gun law requiring background checks. There is nothing difficult about background checks. Don’t vote them back in.

THE OLD SAYING IS “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” The new saying is: “Obama played golf and went on a million-dollar vacation while terrorists prepared to bomb the Boston Marathon.” God bless America and may God have mercy on the United States of America.

RAVE FOR South Carolina’s new U.S. Sen. Tim Scott. He is proving equally inept as his predecessor.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

Rants and raves