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RAVE FOR THE nurses in the heart and vascular floor at University Hospital. Jordan, Lindsay, Addy and Larry were absolutely awesome. Thank you so much and God bless each one of you.


RANT TO THE RICHMOND County Board of Education. You have done something that I did not think anyone could do – make my wife retire next year. Because of the nine furlough days this year and the 15 days they are talking about for next year, my wife is making so little that she can retire and get a salary increase.


IS THERE ANY MORAL fabric left in America? I overheard a conversation between two young women today – one who couldn’t wait to visit her boyfriend who is in prison for child molestation. Child molestation. Said she loved him so much but admitted to the others there she was having sex with other guys while he was gone. What type of sick world are we living?


RANT TO THE people who believe all religions are morally equivalent. Do you believe this about the Aztec religion? To satisfy their gods they regularly sacrificed animals, slaves, captives and children. Priests even wore the skins of captives for 20 days. Step off the planet and take the scales from thine eyes.


I AM SHOCKED TO SEE the Senate refused to pass a gun control bill that would require background checks at gun shows. Why do these senators want crazy people to be able to obtain guns?


RAVE FOR Richmond County Officers Young­blood and Meyers. Thank you so much for your assistance with my tire.


I JUST WANTED TO give a big rave to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you so much for helping my husband when he broke down on the off-ramp of Calhoun Expressway and Eve Street. Then followed him to the auto parts store making sure he got somewhere safe.


HOW CAN POLITICIANS the media ask whether the Boston bombings were “terrorism”? If it causes terror, it’s terrorism, no matter who sets it off. The source doesn’t matter; it’s still terror, so it’s still terrorism.


THE BOSTON SLAUGHTER has completely obliterated the North Korean maniac from the news. What other important things are going on that the Boston over-coverage is keeping from us?



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves