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I AM A TAXPAYER and residents of North Augusta, and do not see the need for a baseball stadium. Keep it in Augusta. We do not party all night in North Augusta.


RAVES TO The Augusta Chronicle its local carrier in Riverwood for delivering the paper all of Masters Week although we only subscribe for weekends.


TO THE PEOPLE WHO hate to have any kind of control over people getting guns: My grandfather was killed years ago by someone with a mental health issue who was permitted to buy guns. That man also kidnapped and tormented a young girl before he killed my grandfather. Two lives directly affected by the use of a gun in the hands of someone unbalanced. Yes, we do need background checks and other gun controls!


OUR GOVERNMENT IS no longer of the people, for the people and by the people, but is becoming the government versus the people.


IN YOUR EDITORIAL concerning Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods, there is no comparison to what was said. First of all, Woods is not running for any public office, and Sanford once told his wife on Father’s Day he was going to the mountains and left his four boys and wife. Second, all men cheat, whether they are looking or lusting. You figure.


IT’S TOO BAD for the middle class who voted for President Obama thinking he would make life better for them. How does it feel now paying more for the bottom feeders?


IT’S TOO BAD people can still commit fraud and fool so many others. How many times must we tell people to not send off money to unknown places and that you be careful of checks you cash from unknown people?


MASTERS PATRONS were recognized as the best in golf. Not anymore after this year’s tournament. The disrespectful, obnoxious fans whose “look at me” mentality disturbed golfers and fans alike took care of that. What a shame! I hope security was able to get badge numbers.


WE NEED TO STOP letting government control our money for its use like Social Security. Give us back every penny we ever put in and let people who want to be in such a system be there. The rest of us can control our own savings quite well to regulate them if you will just let us dump more money into IRAs.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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