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ALCOHOL AND GUNS are a deadly combination but, sadly, most Americans love both.


DID DANIEL BOONE have a government hunting license? Did Boone get government approval to go armed? Well, should present-day Americans have to put up with such unconstitutional, power-grabbing, tyrant stuff?


I JUST READ IN Colum­bia County newsletter where there’s a book signing at the Evans Library on May 4. It says there will be beer and wine. It’s a library, folks, not a bar. What’s next? Beer at the Little League games at Patriots Park?


ROUNDTREE OBVIOUSLY did poorly in math. Rather than using his officers to make Augusta safer and retain its white tax base, he is causing them to flee the county by attempting to raise money with traffic violations.


OBAMA SAYS BANKERS should lend to weak borrowers, i.e., people who likely will never repay their loans. Either Obama is purposely trying to kill the U.S. or he is grossly ignorant about finances and the economy. or both!


I RECENTLY SOLD a house and paid a five-figure Realtor’s commission. I was satisfied with my agent’s performance and neither expected nor wanted more from her. As a thank you, I received a gift card from her so paltry that I was offended. I will select another agent when I sell my next two homes. Sometimes, less is better. I would have been happy with a “thank you” card.


WOULDN’T IT BE fun if liberals wanted to treat all our rights equally? Imagine a background check to vote. Imagine having to buy insurance and pay a tax before you could vote. Imagine if a waiting period was required before you could vote.


I SURE MISS KATIE on WRDW’s 5 o’clock news. It hasn’t been the same since she left.


WHY ON EARTH DID so many people pick the philandering, lying Mark Sanford? Was he somehow the best of bad choices among the Republicans?


I’M AS GUILTY AS THE next guy who sees people that are accused of crimes listed in various publications and making judgment calls about them and their likely guilt. Yet after seeing someone who I personally know in that position and the hateful assumptions being made, I think we all need to watch our comments because they destroy lives once innocence is proved.



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