Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THOSE GREENBRIER students should have gotten more suspension than what they got. They knew better.


RAVE FOR DR. PETER ARMSTRONG at Augusta Vascular Center. My husband was in the emergency room with a swollen foot. He had just had a procedure a few days before. Dr. Armstrong came down and checked on him and gave us peace that he was OK. We need more doctors like you.


I WISH THERE WAS A full page of rants and raves.


RANT TO OUR commissioners for not having an audit of the Augusta Community Development that the misspent $290,000 that the taxpayers have to pay back. Maybe the GBI should investigate.


RAVE FOR THE ARTICLE ON the spending of our three former presidents – nearly $3.7 million at a time when our nation is in such dire financial straits. Would you please give that same attention and front-page coverage to the millions spent by the Obamas on their outlandish vacations?


UH-OH, THE POPO HAVE Tasers. Watch out, my brothers, there will be a rash of tasing going on around here. I guarantee you.


I HAVE LIVED IN North Augusta all my life, and I do not want the stadium here.


RANT TO A LOCAL HARDWARE store. We’re glad you have a dog, but would you mind keeping him inside so he won’t bark 24/7. He is making people crazy.


TO THE RESTAURANT IN Grovetown, please fix your sewage. Who wants to come in and eat when you have sewage running in front of your restaurant?


TO THE GREENBRIER soccer player who said he lost all respect for the school board. The one thing he is not realizing is that the entire community has lost respect for those boys.


I LOVE THE SERVICE I receive from Weenie at Wells Fargo at Evans Crossing. Her pleasant attitude and friendly service is wonderful and, I’m certain, a kind one to have in the workplace! I can tell she positively affects others she works with and they have a good time.


WHY CAN’T THE BOYS who torched the abandoned church on Marks Church Road be required to finish demolishing it? This is an eyesore to many.