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REGARDING SUNDAY’S editorial: Where was The Chronicle’s moral outrage at the lack of transparency in the Bush administration?


JUST WHAT THIS country needs: another U.S. senator in his 70s. Be­ware of ambitious older men. He should retire and take up fishing.


WHY DO WE ONLY hear about people protesting guns and what they have done, but you never report what the Con­stitution declares is our rights as citizens?


RANT TO THE gray car with South Carolina plates that was speeding past me on Jan. 31. I was given your ticket by a Richmond County patrol officer. Also another rant for the patrol officer, who was not paying attention to who was actually doing the speeding! What goes around comes around with time.


SYLVIA, BRAVO to your Easter Sunday column! Great suggestion for replacing the former chimney’s name.


A HUGE RAVE to Thomp­son Building and Wreck­ing Co. for donating the nonperishable food from Laney supermarket to Golden Har­vest Food Bank. You are all angels of mercy to this community. You should be proud of yourselves.


ABOUT TWO WEEKS ago I was at Kroger on Wrightsboro Road. Long story short, I had replaced my debit card but forgot to reset my PIN. I had almost $60 in groceries to pay for, and I had to step outside to call the bank. There was this angel behind me with two very young children. … When I came back into the store, she was gone … just after she had paid for my groceries. … Just when you give up on the world, something gives you hope. God bless you..


I SAW A CITY TRUCK with a UGA logo on it at the Augusta Common today. This is an outrage! An insult! A slap in the face! There are three choices: Display logos for all public colleges in Georgia, display no logos to avoid showing preferential treatment, or display a logo that is acceptable to all: Georgia Tech.


U.S. CITIZENS having guns is what has kept this country safe this far, and if they take our guns they threaten our lives. It is one of the reasons other countries don’t invade us.


THANKS, RICHMOND County, for taking out the trash on Alden Drive. Long time coming. Only a couple more druggies left partying weekends. Haul them all to prison with the rest.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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