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I BELIEVE IN same-sex marriage. I believe people should have sex with the same person they married and no one else.

I HAVE NEVER registered to vote because I understood that it would open me to jury duty. Now with the rule changes last year, I received a jury duty notice. I will still never register to vote. So take that, you Republicans.

THAT LAWYER DID commit a wrong by holding on to such an expensive item. Just turn it on in to the sheriff’s office!

RICARDO AZZIZ, please go away. And don’t come back another day. You’ve taken our colleges and changed the names. And now their merits hang on your wall of fame. And say, can‘t you see? Augusta is not your place to be?

IF THE GREENJACKETS have been so successful in Augusta, why do they need to move from Augusta? I am a North Au­gustan who does not want the GreenJackets on our side of the river.

THE LOCAL STADIUM situation cannot be compared to what’s in Atlanta. Our Lake Olm­stead Stadium is fine for what’s here. I can see why North Augusta and Aiken do not have the millions to front a huge percentage of the cost, just like Augusta cannot afford that. Besides, I think it’s a nice kick for those poor folks living near Lake Olmstead to see free fireworks.

IT’S A SHAME THE former military teacher got only probation and a wee fine for having sex with someone who’s a student and under 18. It’s bad enough in other countries when parents marry off a daughter extra young to someone.

THE LOVE OF SPORTS means that 18 young men/older boys should not be punished for illegally partaking of liquor far from home? Where are your values, people?

THE WAR IN IRAQ made a lot of insider Repub­licans and conservatives rich. It is estimated that more than 250,000 Iraq civilians have been killed. Do conservatives have no shame?

EVERYTHING I READ IN the paper always says GRU; you never put the “A” on the end. Why?

I AM A NATURALIZED American citizen, and even I know that President Obama does not have the authority to close the White House. It comes under parks. For that person who wants to blame the president for something that he has nothing to do with, you need to get acquainted with how things are run in your nation.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 19:51

Rants and raves