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A RAVE TO the Richmond County road department employee responsible for making sure all of the manhole covers are in the travel path of traffic. They must also own a front-end alignment shop.


TO THE MORON WHO broke into my car and stole my laptop while I was returning something at Old Navy: I’m glad you realize that I work hard to buy things just so you can take them from me. I hope you find all the plans I had for my wedding in my bag useful. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.


WHAT BRIGHT LIGHT decided to stop mosquito spraying in Richmond County? I understand funding is an issue, and many states and counties are in financial stress. Mosquitoes cause many diseases including West Nile virus, encephalitis, yellow fever and malaria. These are life-threatening diseases.


PICKUP DRIVERS, do you really think when you throw trash in the bed of your truck that it’s not going to fly out while you’re driving?


GRU WON’T GIVE ITS hard-working, understaffed nurses raises or incentives, but you can bet President Ricardo Azziz gets his hefty paycheck. Don’t think this nurse isn’t looking for work elsewhere.


I’M SO GLAD A CHILD molester and well-known thief/burglar is off the streets and in prison where they truly should be. It makes Alden Drive area a much nicer place to live for certain. Thanks, Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.


COMCAST IS THE biggest hypocrite in the world when they ban advertising by gun and ammo merchants but yet they run a massive number of shows showing gun violence which is very graphic. Why don’t they ban the shows which influence people to violence instead of banning advertising by merchants who sell guns and ammo?


THE DEMOCRATIC budget plan cuts nothing but raises taxes. The GOP plan “balances the budget within 10 years without boosting taxes.” What’s wrong here? “Without boosting taxes” does not cut taxes, which must be done or nothing will improve. To set a date of 10 years in the future for a balanced budget gives them nine years to steal more from the taxpayer. Both parties are hopelessly lost, hopeless crooked.


MISCELLANEOUS arraignments only once a month? Keeping people in jail on the taxpayer dime because you’re too lazy to arraign prisoners more than once a month?



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