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DON’T LIKE AGGRESSIVE drivers? Then get out of my way!

ATTENTION, ANYONE planning on committing murder in Georgia or South Carolina: Maryland has just abolished its death penalty. Please commit your crime there.

MANY PEOPLE ARE very concerned with animal rescue, and lots of people are doing lots of work to improve conditions for animals in the Augusta area. When a rescue organization is licensed by the state, however, it must follow specific rules and regulations that truly benefit the animals.

AUGUSTA-RICHMOND County will improve only when we change the way it is run. All of the Augusta Commission should be “at large” instead of representative of individual parts of Augusta. They must commit to working to improve all of Augusta, not pit one area against the other.

I’M PROUD TO BE A Southern, straight, legal, working American! That just about covers it.

WHOEVER HIRED Ricardo Azziz should buy out his contract and send him wherever he wants to go so MCG doesn’t get damaged anymore.

TO WHOEVER PAID MY family’s bill at the Chop House, thank you so much! None of us saw who you were, so we very might well know you. But either way, your act was beyond an act of kindness. It really made my mother’s birthday special. We will, of course, pay it forward!

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE explain the purpose of building fancy houses in the poor Laney-Walker neighborhood, like the Pine Street area? How many of those houses are really being lived in now? If those $110,000-plus houses can be bought by poor families, exactly who had to pay all that money? I sure hope the new Twiggs Street area will be developed with more affordable and smaller selections possible.

RANT FOR THE NEW parking deck in downtown Augusta. It has the worst design for flow of vehicles I’ve ever experienced and is an embarrassment to the idea of efficient infrastructure.

WHILE VISITING IN THE community of Evans, my truck was hit. The person was kind enough to leave a note and phone number. However, it does no good if you don’t return my calls. You know who you are. If you can live with this, so can I. It will hurt you more than me.



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