Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I AM SICK AND TIRED of conspiracy theorists on the Internet who are constantly denigrating the fine, upstanding civic leaders of Augusta and calling them members of some shadowy cabal. These people have been watching too many Oliver Stone movies and need to get a life.


WE NEED A SPECIAL ASU History Day. Let’s make it during that alumni weekend in April, say that Friday. That will really draw attention to the history of ASU and GRU while appealing to the alumni of both universities.


WEIGHT GAIN? Yes, we are doing less strenuous work now than the days of our parents or even grandparents. People seem to like to spend way too much time sitting down to beep on their phone devices or to move switches on consoles or computer keyboards. People now can even have others do their food shopping and preparation all the time if they wish to pay for that. Such a shame.


THE CHILDREN’S Hospital of Georgia is so management-heavy that they do not have the staff nurses for patient care.


REPUBLICANS PROPOSE cutting spending to reduce the debt and balance the budget. Democrats propose adding taxes. Why not use the media (Internet, newspaper, etc.) to present a comparison in plain English of all proposals and let the American taxpayers/voter decide?


RANTS TO THE PERSON or persons who stole the gate from the cemetery at Marvin United Methodist Church. Did you really need it that badly? You had to stoop mighty low to do something like this. I have family members buried at this cemetery. Maybe someone will notice that you have a new gate up which does not look totally new in appearance and will notify authorities. If you have a conscience, it should be bothering you.


COMMISSIONER ALVIN Mason’s statement that he will divide the county spending into two categories by making a list of the items we must have – “needs” – versus a list of items we don’t need – “wants.” All of our commissioners must join him by making their own lists so that the items we do not need get removed from future spending. Mason is being proactive and must be commended.


SHERIFF ROUNDTREE, since you got your raise, how about your deputies? Fair is fair. They deserve a raise.