Rants & Raves

ALL OF SHIRLEY KENNY’S suggestions really applied to Azziz. It is too bad she can’t stay in Augusta to help him straighten it out some more. Perhaps she could help us straighten out our county commissioners.



I WOULD LIKE TO see in The Chronicle tomorrow that Scott Dean has been released from prison and the prosecutors are being investigated.


THERE IS AN insect going around in the CSRA and I have it. It is like scabies. I think the CSRA need to know about this. It is very contagious.


EVERY DAY GOING HOME from work I travel Greene Street heading to River Watch Parkway toward the overpass ramps. Maybe one time in the last eight months has the light at the intersection crossing Broad Street been green when I come upon it. I have traveled over all the roads in Richmond County numerous times in 28 years and have never seen a light that is NEVER green when you get to the intersection. What is the deal here traffic engineering?


I AM TIRED OF Richmond County sheriffs playing games on the roads. They do not use their turn signals; they go slower than the speed limit to see if the cars will follow. This is dangerous and foolish. They also “zoom” by when you are doing the speed limit thinking they can go 70 in a 55 zone. They just abuse their privileges. They need to be more responsible.


IF THERE ARE KNOWN crack houses why can’t the fire department burn them down, clear off the lot, neighbors come together and have a community garden? Change blight to right.


SIX MORE GEORGIANS killed in Afghanistan. Bin Laden is dead. Declare victory and get out. NOW!


RANT TO the Georgia DOT. How many must be killed on Highway 56 before y’all actually widen the road, instead talking and planning to do it?


I SEE THE Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is spending our money out of town to purchase 40 vehicles and didn’t even give local dealers the opportunity to bid.


THE MEMBERS OF the Richmond Board of Education need to be replaced. While it’s unfortunate that the superintendent’s medical condition has prevented him from performing, the priority of children in Richmond County schools should come first.