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AN AUGUSTA WOMAN arrested after finding a ring? The moral here is: Never find anything.


IF YOUR CHILD causes trouble in our schools then it’s on the parent to provide your child’s transportation, right?


NOW THAT THE new sheriff and tax commissioner have raises, maybe they can find out who stole the money from the tax commissioner’s office.


I DON’T UNDERSTAND how certain members of Aiken County’s commission could vote no on the new ballpark by saying the GreenJackets haven’t been successful in their old ballpark. The GreenJackets routinely fill the stadium, and if they had done their research, they would have found out that the new ballparks in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, N.C., have really increased their attendance.


ANOTHER GAFFE traced back to Azziz? That man keeps blundering.


RANT FOR Mike on Kicks 99. You were so mean numerous times on the radio about Mindy McCready; then after her suicide you acted like you cared.


THE CLOWNS RUNNING Georgia are pushing for taxes from online buying and are going to build a stadium in Atlanta costing taxpayers several hundred million dollars. And these guys are Republicans?


PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS helped everyone financially by being responsible enough to not drag us into wars so cronies can get rich, like Cowboy Bush and Shoot ’em-up Cheney did. And we are pulling out of those dang wars we got dropped into.


GRADY SMITH protests his ignorance or innocence too much … he is obviously a man who is used to having his way, ethics or rules be damned.


THIS FALL BACK, SPRING forward is absolutely ridiculous. The government wants to train us to do what they want. It is not good.


PRESIDENT OBAMA has no right to close the White House. That is not his house; it is the people’s house.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

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