Rants & Raves

TWO LOCAL GOLFERS perform the remarkable feat of winning a professional tournament on their respective tours on the same day, and the sports tagline on the front page of The Chronicle is “Woods wins at Doral”? Give me a break!



I AM SO SORRY FOR illegal aliens. I am especially sorry for the ones who commit crime in this country. My suggestion is that we treat them the same way we would be treated if we were in their home country illegally.


THE GREEN AND WHITE trailers in the middle of Harlem need to be condemned.


WE DON’T NEED A sheriff to showboat. We don’t need officers put in the paper. That is their job.


DOES ANYONE ELSE agree that the taxpayers of Georgia have really been taken to the cleaners over the salary of Ricardo Azziz? Thanks to Nathan Deal and the Board of Regents for making us a laughing stock by paying him this kind of salary and paying for his housing. I am shocked. Something should be done.


THE ISSUE IS NOT fixing the so- called gun show loophole. The issue is fixing the revolving door on the federal, state, and local prison systems. The issue is fixing the lack of help given to mentally and emotionally disturbed people. Leave the Second Amendment alone.


NOWADAYS, foreign aid recipients will take our money in one hand and at the same time slap our face. We should end ALL foreign aid except maybe to Israel.


EISENHOWER HOSPITAL furlough talk is just another Obama scare tactic. Obama would rather cripple some place that does good and necessary work than cut out obvious government waste. Pay no attention to it.


I THINK TEACHERS having guns is a good idea. They have so many problems in the schools; maybe if they had guns and the kids knew they had guns in there, they might straighten out that mess – gang violence and everything else.


MOST CHILDREN TODAY have no respect, morals or parental guidance. I applaud Lori Myles for making an effort to show children the effects of their actions.


WHY AM I RECEIVING collect calls from the Richmond County prison? They need to watch those convicts more closely.


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Economic push sought in south Augusta

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1,100 backpacks offered at event