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PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS the sequester brings “painful budget cuts.” One, the budget is not being cut; rather, it is growing; and two, real cuts are not painful for those footing the bill – the taxpayers.


DEAR EVENT organizers: There is no such thing as a “first annual.” You can hold a “first” or an “inaugural,” but you can’t hold a “first annual.” An activity isn’t an annual activity until the next year.


FILL IN THE BLANK: It’s still_________to me:

A: Clarks Hill



D: All of the above


RANT TO ALL THE black organizations that continue to segregate the black community after civil rights leaders fought so hard to end segregation.


IF DR. AZZIZ AND HIS troops at MCG or whatever it is called now will airbrush out history on sports teams, what should we expect them to do with missed diagnoses or poor surgery outcomes?


NANCY PELOSI HAS never had an original thought. All she does is parrot the trash that President Obama comes up with.


I THINK IT IS UNFAIR for Happy Tails to be closed down for minor problems. These people are doing a wonderful job rescuing those unwanted animals that people dump on the roadsides.


THE NERVE OF THAT governor and the Board of Regents for fostering a great research university on our area. We might have to accept some change.


I FEEL THAT NICK EVANS, whether intended or not, sold out the “Save The A” movement too quickly in return for the now-proved hollow promises by Azziz to add Augusta to the name (unofficially). We should renew the movement and get Azziz to leave, and get the governor to intervene with the Regents to correct this stuff, or we should be working to never again elect Nathan Deal to anything again.


GLOBAL SPECTRUM should be sued by the Augusta RiverHawks for allowing the ice system to be damaged this badly, without either insurance or any recovery from the cutting horse event. This has ruined hockey here for the foreseeable future and damaged the franchise. Not the first time it has happened. Only this time, far worse than before.



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