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KUDOS TO PHARMACISTS Casey and Harold at the North Augusta CVS pharmacy for going out of their way for customers! Thanks from a grateful mommy!


A METEOR STRIKES our planet, the Pope retires, a sinkhole swallows some guy and now young people think it’s funny to hang up pictures of Bigfoot. We old people are not laughing. Dr. Azziz has already landed, and no doubt more aliens are on the way.


A HUGE RAVE FOR Mrs. Nora at The Clyde A. Burgamy Center at Doctors Hospital for her superb nursing skills during my stay.


OPERATION THUNDER and the ‘Click-it-or-Ticket campaigns are a big joke. All those violations are against the law all the time.


A SPECIAL THANKS to the person who turned my purse into customer service at the BI-LO on Peach Orchard Road. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!


SPEECHLESS IN AIKEN: My sister and I would like to thank the anonymous person who paid for our lunch at the Red Lobster. We’re still talking about the generosity. Thank you!


IF THE COLUMBIA County Sheriff’s Department needs any advice to where road blocks should be set up, my only advice would be Owens Road, Few Parkway, Lewiston Road and Columbia Road.


CONGRATULATIONS TO Rachael Cundey for winning the Scripps National Regional Spelling Bee. All the very best to you when you compete in Washington, D.C. We will be rooting for you!


ALL GUN SHOP OWNERS must be thankful to President Obama and Joe Biden for boosting their gun sales to an all-time high. There are enough guns out there now to supply all criminals and mentally ill people with their weapon of choice for many years ahead.


THANK YOU, COREY! I lost my billfold and cell phone at Longhorns. The waiter, Corey, found it and returned it to me. This speaks well of Corey and Longhorns.


RANT TO ALL WHO erased logos and denigrated those who made the proud history of AC and ASU. How low can they go? I say from Aaaaa to Zzzzz.


WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES it make what color shoes the pope wears? He should be able to wear whatever color shoes he wants.



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