Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


IS OKLAHOMA STATE University happy a nameless entity is now written into history as having beaten them for a national college golf title?

RANT FOR PEOPLE STILL hating on President Obama. No matter what he does, you people are going to find fault in it. He is the president for four more years, so get over the color of his skin. You all need to pray and read your Bible sometimes.

YOU’VE GOT TO LOVE Judge Roper. Giving a child molester bail, then lower original bail as so he can afford it ...

RANT TO THE Republicans in Congress who are proposing to cut the number of VA medical centers in the U.S.

AT THE USC AIKEN/ASU basketball game, the ASU “dance team” was in attendance. It looked more like it belonged at the Discotheque lounge on Broad Street rather than a college basketball game.

RANT FOR MARION Williams. You are furnishing this community with tons of cartoon material.

I AM UPSET AT HOW the Richmond Board of Education keeps failing our special wd students. It can take a student who is struggling in the general education classroom months before receiving any help, and even when they do receive services, the get very little help. I think the system needs to be improved!

I CANNOT BELIEVE THE arrogance of GRU. As an alumnus, it will be a very cold day in Hades with flying pigs before I ever give them another dime!

RANT TO RACISTS who seem to live longer than the rest of us for some odd reason. They must serve a purpose.

I WISH THE Augusta Convention Center the best of luck, and it will need luck since it has booked only 20 events for the year. Remember it’s our money that helped to build it and it will be our money that supports it if it fails. Please don’t fail on us.