Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



TO THE LADY IN SCRUBS sitting in the car sucking sauce from the chicken wings and tossing each greasy bone out of her window, please be considerate of others. Use the trash can. Think of the people who track it into their vehicles and the animals this attracts into an area where there are many moving vehicles.


A TRUE LEADER WOULD have said, “I messed up,” rather than “we” or “My team and I.” The inability to own up to mistakes must be one of those liberal, elitist traits.


ANY STUDENT THINKING of going to college, don’t believe any slick marketing material you receive in the mail. Get in your car, drive to the college, talk to real students to find out.


WHY IS CONGRESS getting the blame for problems they don’t create?


HERE IS A NOVEL IDEA: Deport all 11 million illegal immigrants. Then maybe we will have enough jobs for our unemployed legal citizens and the unemployment rate will drop significantly.


TRAVIS ON CHANNEL 12, please talk loud enough so we can understand you.


THE YOUNG LADY MAULED BY by a lion in California was talking on her cellphone while cleaning the lion’s cage. Is it possible that she might still be alive today if she had been paying attention?


TO THOSE SO INCLINED, be aware. Road rage is a psychiatric disorder and those convicted might find themselves in a loony bin. Aggressive driving is a criminal offense and those convicted might find themselves in a jail cell.


SO, IF THE AUGUSTA COMMISSION has to hold work sessions, what does it do the other days it meets?


I WAS WATCHING THEM sell shoes on QVC tonight. I have never seen so many beautiful women with such big feet. What’s going on?


ONCE AGAIN, TRYING TO legislate stupidity instead of taking care of something that really matters. Keep right.


IT IS INSULTING TO the minority community in the area to suggest that moving voting from November to July would disenfranchise their voting rights. It makes it appear the individuals lack the motivation to make it to the polling places at any time other than November.