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AZZIZ AND HIS “team” should pay for this “mess up” out of their own pockets.


HAS ANYONE investigated experience and the credentials leading GRU? They have no experience leading a large university. Nor do they have the credentials.


OBAMA GOING OUT to lunch with Republican congressmen? He doesn’t have to suck up to them. His first term he did, but now he has nothing to lose. Be tough on them; don’t take them out lunch. That costs a lot of money. Let them pay for their own lunch. They don’t care about poor people, anyway.


MARION WILLIAMS isn’t the voice of south Augusta. I live in south Augusta. I didn’t vote for him. He doesn’t speak for me.


AIKEN COUNTY Councilwoman Kathy Rawls has no vision of the future.


SHERIFF RICHARD Roundtree already has a raise. I have been in my job for two years and I haven’t seen one. Do I get one, too? Maybe I just don’t count.


IF YOU DRIVE A car, truck or van, please check your headlights and your taillights. I have seen so many burned-out ones lately. Please be safe.


NO MATTER WHAT the president of GRU says, we know he was behind this from the beginning. Someone should send him a one-way ticket.


I THINK THERE ARE A lot of paranoid people out there who think they need Marion Williams’ combative personality to stand up for their interests.


FOR THE PEOPLE WHO have the barking dog in Walton Landing subdivision, please keep your dog inside. It is a nuisance. Be a good neighbor.


MARION WILLIAMS SAID that he needs to start a business so he can make $250,000 a year from the city. He already did that. He sold a church to the city. What do you do with that?


I DON’T SHAKE HANDS or get too close in the face of people so they won’t breathe on me, and I open doors with a handkerchief. It might look odd, but it keeps me healthy.



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