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I AGREE WITH the pastor of the interfaith coalition. We should replace all Augusta Commission members, beginning with Marion Williams. He was a troublemaker the last time he was a commissioner and he is doing it again. Augusta will never move forward with leadership like his.


I AM ALL FOR improving public transit but we need routes to get people to jobs and doctor appointments, not to bars. If downtown bars want to pay for this, so be it, but the taxpayers should not be paying for a personal taxi service for people who want to get drunk at the downtown bars. Priorities, people.


RANT TO PARENTS who dress better for cold weather better than their children (especially toddlers and babies).


I CAN’T UNDERSTAND why the armed forces recruiting stations don’t go back to using post offices as they did for years. They have them mostly in every high-rent building. This would cut millions a month across the U.S. and help the Postal Service.


IT SAYS A LOT ABOUT the lack of patriotism of members of the Democratic Party when two of their members attend the funeral of a communist dictator who unabashedly hated America. What I am surprised about most, though, is that Obama didn’t go.


CONGRESS: IT’S time for impeachment proceedings.


SOUTH CAROLINA REP. Bakari Sellers says you can’t live healthy eating on a food stamp budget. Instead of encouraging people to get off food stamps, though, she screams that food stamp takers should get more food from taxpayers.


RANT TO ALL LOCAL radio stations. When you give away concert tickets, inform listeners the seats will be the worst in the whole arena. Your listeners travel to Atlanta or Charlotte, N.C., only to find their seats are in the nose-bleed section.


SO GRU WIPES out recent beloved history of ASU. Besides academic dishonesty at its height, the officials showed us how we can now correct the Civil War.



Mon, 12/11/2017 - 18:23

Rants and raves