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MANDATORY CUTS would not be happening if the president and Congress had performed the jobs they were elected to perform. Hoping to gain more leverage, critical decisions have constantly been put off. Now as we sink further into the debt, more taxes, fewer jobs and increased cost-of-living quagmire, we are only bombarded with doomsday scenarios and blame.


SOMEONE TELL GRADY Abrams that celebrity has an expiration date and he is past his. Opening up old wounds to stay relevant is not the way to win friends and influence people unless you are trying to impress 20-year-olds.


FOR THAT $26,000 RAISE, did Kendrick find all that money that mysteriously disappeared from his office?


TAKE BACK ALL THE illegal raises and divide them among the people who haven’t had a raise in YEARS!


FIRE FRED RUSSELL and recall all the commissioners. What else don’t we know about?


AUGUSTA ONLY half-recycles and everyone is so-o-o proud. When will they get with it and recycle steel and glass? Half recycling is just not good enough.


PUNK GANG MEMBERS and their dogs are ruining our neighborhood. The poor little dogs are so mistreated. No one wants to do anything, even to help the animals. Doesn’t anyone care except for me?


‘DIVERSITY’ IS MERELY a code word for less white people.


TO THE PERSON WHO talked about slavery in Africa: I am a black American woman who was born in the United States of America. I do not know anything about slavery except for what is written about it here in the United States textbooks. But, for your information, we all come from some place or rather our ancestors did. Maybe you did not have anything to do with slavery, but let the dead stay buried, and stop rehashing it.


A SPECIAL RAVE TO Tracey E. Williams Jr. for the outstanding tribute to the patriarch of our family, Mr. William Carpenter Sr. His letter to the editor paid tribute to two outstanding contributors to our heritage. It was wonderful that he took the time to share their legacy. Please know that the Carpenter family is most appreciative.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves