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NOW THAT SO MANY events are moving from Augusta to Columbia County, why don’t the GreenJackets move there? We the people of North Augusta do not want the GreenJackets or that stadium over here in our city.


RAVE FOR Deputy Miller of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Depart­ment! He went above and beyond when someone backed into my car. He was courteous, professional and thorough.


HAS ANYONE NOTICED that after President Obama gives a speech the next day he is either on vacation or out giving his political speeches? How often has any one seen him in his Oval Office actually doing his job?


SO, MUSIC EDUCATORS have been right all along. It is the best mind trainer of all. Proof, both Richmond and Columbia County STAR students are musicians in avocations. Me too.


WE IN THE USA need our federal government. We need their rules and regulations because they truly are in the best interest of all Americans. We would be better off having a totally 100 percent federal government.


RANT TO BLACK community members for bringing up things in the past when we can’t control it. I don’t understand that. Rave to the black community members who don’t dwell on the past.


WITH ALL OF the great plays to choose from, I am disappointed that the Augusta Players chose one about a gay drag performer.


SHERIFF ROUNDTREE getting a raise right after he took office is as much deserved as Obama’s getting the Peace Prize right after he took office.


EVER SINCE Leon Panetta took over as defense secretary he has been saying that the Taliban forces have been degraded and we have them on the run. Now we find that the statistics he was basing his assessment on were inaccurate. By the way, don’t expect Panetta to come out and say he was wrong.


I HOPE THAT EVERYONE on welfare and food stamps has to take a drug test.


RAVES TO OFFICERS Patterson and Lofton of the Harlem Police Department. They are wonderful officers who care about people.
They helped me as I was walking. May God bless them.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves