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I THINK Richard Round­tree is doing a great job. I am glad he is an African-American man. Maybe this will open the eyes of the black community. A couple of hundred arrests, they can’t be doing wrong. They are focusing on where the lawbreakers are. Thanks again, Sher­iff Roundtree. Keep up the good work.


WHEN IS THE FCC or the ICC going to put some sort of regulatory device on televisions to get them to level out the volume between channels and commercials and regular broadcasting? When are they going to get the message?


LANEY HIGH HAS a “dean”? When did high schools start such hifalutin’ stuff? Is renaming an administrator supposed to make a school teach better, or does it just give an administrator a pay raise?


A CONCEALED WEAPON is like a parachute. If you need one and don’t have one, you probably won’t need one again.


I GOTTA SAY WE love Shoe Carnival. A few of the employees have been there for over 14 years or more. Most are friendly and helpful.


IT IS A SHAME more money is not given to the poor people. President Obama always speaks about the middle class. Robert Kennedy always spoke about what he would do for the poor. Pres­ident Obama doesn’t do that. I hope the next president will do something for poor people.


WHAT IS INTERESTING about Roundtree and his 12 percent raise is that both my wife and I work at Savannah River Site, our raise increases an average of 1 to 3 percent and we make half the money Roundtree makes.


MY HUSBAND IS offered insurance through his job, and it is not free. It costs $500 per month. All of you who say people who have insurance get it for free: It is not free; you have to pay for it.


CONGRATULATIONS to Vice President Joe Biden for being the best shotgun salesman of the year.


WHY IS IT that every time somebody says something about Section 8 or food stamps they are called a racist? That indicates there is only one race of people who are on Section 8 and food stamps. That is not correct. We are against fraud and misuse of Section 8 and food stamps.


NOW THAT OBAMA-created sequester cuts are looming, he is supporting the military? Can we impeach him yet?



Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:48

Rants and raves