Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANT TO WHOEVER designed the Ruffin Court­house: Could you have put the wheelchair ramp any farther away from the parking? And what is it with all the brickwork in front? That would make for good parking so that people would not have to walk a half mile in the rain, like I had to, only to find that I had to go up steps too!


I KNOW I AM NOT THE only person tired of nonprofit organizations that make millions every year asking me for a donation of any kind. Maybe you should lower the fees for membership and the services you provide so that those people you claim your services support can afford to patronize your facilities.


I ATTENDED John Bar­row’s town hall meeting at the Evans library, and I was surprised to hear that he really is voting the issues for the good of the state and his constituents and is being very transparent about it. It was really informative, and I only wish more young people would attend such forums.


SO PEOPLE WANT TO get into office so that their relatives benefit? Or so they can benefit as subcontractor instead of contractor? Any personal benefits to you or your own business is too shady to warrant your so-called service as commissioner. Resign, Smith.


RANT ABOUT MY government no longer honoring the Bill of Rights. Are they scared of us or something?


EXCELLENT IDEA ON giving those of us who have paid many thousands of dollars into Social Secur­ity our money back to leave the system without any claims to the government in the future. As it is now, I doubt I will see a penny of it since I don’t start collecting for another 11 years. Thieving politicians!


RANT TO THE Silver Bluff High School teacher who quit on her students in the middle of the year before a replacement could be found to take a job for a congressman. Rant to U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson for hiring such an unprofessional and immature person.


LARRY PELLEGRINI SAYS: “Adding to the death penalty … has never been a solution to … violence. ” Since the death penalty eliminates one violent person, it certainly solves at least one problem.


THE SYRIAN government attacked a hospital. Nice guys, those Syrians.