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SOME OF THE HUMOR on the Oscars was absolutely disgusting.


I CAN’T BELIEVE how Augusta gives raises to elected officials. Two get raises after three months and the tax commissioner just writes a letter and gets a raise. I am so glad that North Augusta doesn’t do business like that.


IT IS A SHAME firefighter and deputies of this county can’t get a raise for the work they do risking their lives, but a tax commissioner who loses money gets a raise and the other two get raises for doing nothing. A guess next Fred Russell will get a raise.


RAVES TO Pam Tucker. She works tirelessly and is dedicated to her professional commitment in Columbia County.


IF YOU ARE A Communist, move to North Korea. We will stop your efforts in the USA.


RANT TO BELL Auditorium for not providing restroom facilities for the hundreds of people who had to wait in line to register as a contestant on The Price is Right on Feb. 10. Please do better in the future for such events.


GIVING ROUNDTREE A raise to his $110,000 salary proves “money don’t buy class.” Especially true when hearing about his disgusting behavior on a recent bus trip to Atlanta. Total embarrassment for Richmond County!


RAVE FOR THE three small children who handed out Valentines and candy to the veterans at the uptown veterans hospital on Valentine’s Day. They were very well-accepted by the patients and the staffers who were glad to see someone take an interest in the veterans.


I DOUBT THERE will be an American pope in the foreseeable future. The Church just wants our money.


ACCORDING TO SYLVIA Cooper, Grady Smith is on the wrong team. I take it that it’s a racially divided team, according to the way she writes her column. While she is waiting on the downfall of our newly elected sheriff, she may be careful of her own. There is a new sheriff in town; they are called the majority.


I’M SICK OF President Obama and his Chicken Little impersonation. Let it happen and stop trying to scare everyone.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves