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WHAT A MESS RACIAL politics have got us into by the vote by the Augusta Commission to grant pay raises. The commission has now opened the floodgates.

RAVES TO Columbia County Roads and Bridges for fixing the road in Wynngate the same day I called about the huge pothole left when utility work was done.

I CANNOT UNDERSTAND how drivers not legally blind fail to see the Olive Road overpass despite the blinking bright lights, colored sticks, etc.

SOME FOOLISH PEOPLE claim abortion should be illegal. How is it legal for people to torture, starve and beat a child right to death over years, yet that is tolerated? At least a doctor can end the early form before real life quickly and with the least amount of pain.

I HOPE THE commissioners of color have a holiday trying to crucify Smith, Guilfoyle and Jackson for doing business with the broken Richmond County government. Censure or reprimand, I wouldn’t give a hoot.

MR. PRESIDENT, YOU were the one who approved the sequester. In fact you were the one who came up with the idea. Go out there and show some real leadership to stop all of this irresponsible spending.

THE PRESIDENT’S stimulus contained tax cuts. Last fall he cut the payroll tax. Politifact reports that 80 percent of Americans have seen lowered taxes under Obama. The mantra that Obama has increased taxes on everyone is a fiction.

TO THE MAN WHO RIDES around on a green cart at Pendleton King Park while I am walking my dog. My dog gets more legwork done at the park than I’ve seen you do in the two years I’ve been walking him there. Is this where my tax money is going? Putting gas in that green cart so you can ride all day?

PLEASE PUT Lindsay Lohan into jail. This has gone on long enough.

THE TSA AGENT WHO frisked the 3-year-old girl in a wheelchair should be fired.

POLICE SHOULD USE their headlights just like I have to when it is pouring down rain.

THAT POOR BOY WHO was beaten and starved by his mother right to death. See why abortion is kinder? Do you really want all these kids to live years of anguish?



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Richmond County deputy stabbed

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