Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



SO NOW RICHMOND County bases salary on education and experience? Does that mean I get back pay for my BA in Sociology and BA in Criminal Justice? Wait, we can’t even get the 3 percent pay raise we we’re supposed to get for the past 4 years...


A RAVE FOR YOUR article on global warming or as it is now called, climate change. Since Chicago has had only 335 days without more than an inch of snow, could climate change be the reason for over 500 murders in 2012?


AREN’T THE BUFFALO Soldiers the ones who were sent out West to kill Native Americans?


BLACKS IN AFRICA are sold into slavery every day even in 2013. Millions die of starvation every year. Babies are born with AIDS. Yet the blacks in America complain about how bad they have it because of perceived discrimination and harp about slavery that happened 160 years ago. They never mention what is happening in Africa TODAY. Someone’s priorities are all wrong.


THAT GEICO COMMERCIAL with the basketball player is about stupid.


IN TYRANNY LIES ONLY failure Mr. Roundtree. Ease up. The press is your friend.


SMART DRIVERS research in private Georgia laws concerning driving in the left lane rather than braying their ignorance in public.


SLAVERY WAS BAD, but I didn’t have anything to do with it. Why is it being thrown in my face? That is unacceptable.


I LOVE THOSE ALLSTATE commercials. Mayhem can come visit me any time.


IF IT LOOKS LIKE A DUCK and it quacks like a duck, it’s not a dream trip to Washington.


WILL EVERYONE PLEASE leave Mindy McCready alone now?


WHY ARE LOCAL BLACK leaders not talking about black on black crime/violence? Are they scared? Scared of their own people?


KUDOS TO THE PERSONNEL at the GRU emergency room. Their treatment of this “classic cardiac” patient (and his wife) was beyond excellent. It is with heartfelt respect and appreciation to all who cared for us that we wish to say thank you.


GET THE SHOOTERS OFF the streets. Stop them. Not innocent people just protecting themselves. Why would you take away the only protection a 63-year-old widow has for herself?