Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANT TO ALL the people who dislike Marion Williams. He is the voice of south Augusta, and if you don’t believe it, run against him. Oh, and by the way, I am not from Augusta. I am from South Carolina.


CREDIT CARD USERS, if you have to charge your dinner, you can’t afford to eat. Why don’t you carry a little cash in your hip pocket and you won’t have to pay extra on that card.


RAVE TO THE GREAT conservative columnists in The Augusta Chronicle. In 2016, I would vote for Walter Williams, Herman Cain or Ben Carson for president and Star Parker and Michelle Malkin for VP or any other important position in the administration.


THE OVERPASS ON Olive Road costs a lot of money to repair. I would suggest putting telephone poles on both sides of the road about 40 yards before you get to the overpass and string across it a breakaway cable six inches lower than the bridge so he will know he hit something. I would rather replace that snap away cable than repair that overpass.


SHERIFF ROUNDTREE, solve the crime of who stole Richmond County’s tax money.


RAVE FOR OUR PASTOR Larry Harmon of West Acres. He went to the treatment center where one of his members was having chemotherapy and visited and prayed with them. We are blessed to have a pastor who really cares about us. God bless you pastor.


WE DO NOT HAVE A computer, we do not have fax. Why have this phone number for rants and raves if you are not going to put our rants and raves in the paper. This is not fair to the public. Just take this number off if you are not going to put our rants and raves in the paper.


LET NORTH AUGUSTA have its stadium and let them pay for it. Get your pocketbooks ready because the drunks and druggies of North Augusta will love a new place to party.


IF PRESIDENT OBAMA could do for the economy what he has done for gun and ammunition sales, we would be sitting pretty.


SOME PEOPLE down on people who don’t have a lot and walk around town. Even though I don’t have a car and walk, I am still special to God. Your fine homes and plenty of money is not what counts with God.