Rants & Raves



RANT TO COLUMBIA COUNTY Animal Control. Is there a leash law in Co­lumbia County or not? For years we have put up with the animals of uncaring owners, and for years we have followed the guidelines established by calling animal control, only to hear “lip service.” I am fearful for my grandchildren’s safety with these dogs roaming the streets in my neighborhood. If you are the owner of these animals and are reading this rant, take note! My animal control solution is more permanent than Columbia County Animal Control’s wimpish efforts.


WHEN THE SOUTH GETS hit with storms, the national news media is hardly aware. But when the Northeast gets creamed, the media goes into overdrive.


A MAJOR RANT to the guy that won $500,000 on the south side several months ago. Did you forget that you volunteered to come back and tip the sales clerk? Last time I spoke with her, she said she had not seen you again. How quickly people forget their promises.


COLOSSAL RAVES for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. They had jugglers, clowns, flip-flopping acrobats and a strong man (just like our national government.) They also had an international dog-and-pony show (with camels) just like our foreign policy, except that there was no loss of life during the performance.


I HELD AN estate sale this weekend and wanted to thank those who came and paid for my mother’s property. To those who left with things they did not purchase, if you can live with it, I can live without it!


MAKES ME SICK to see the headline: “Commis­sion to discuss raises.” The firemen and policemen of the Augusta-Richmond County departments haven’t seen any type of pay increase in years, not even a “cost of living increase.” The new “boss” should worry about his employees.


RAVES TO CHRONICLE sports staff for the coverage of the Riverhawks. The exposure is welcome and needed for our local pro teams.


SO, AFTER BEING in office a little over a month, the sheriff thinks he deserves a raise? I find it interesting that there is no mention of raises for the men and women whose lives are always in jeopardy with each call they make.


RANT TO OBAMA’S hidden agenda. We all have been lied to by the Obama administration at one point or another.