Rants & Raves



ENOUGH RACIAL POLITICS in Richmond County. Would the black commissioners be interested in raising the salaries of the sheriff and the solicitor if they were white? Equality means that black rookie politicians earn their salary increases the same way the white politicians did. Getting a raise because you are black is racist.


HYPOCRISY OVER THE use of torture and drones is mute. Obama’s use of drones is the best way to deal with fanatical jihadists, i.e. long distance. They get to die for their holy cause, and we get a few less boys and girls coming home in body bags or missing limbs. It’s a win-win. Go, drones!


THE ONLY SOLUTION to bullying is for somebody to stand up to the bully. Either the victim must learn to or the victim must have a defender till the victim has grown/learned self-defense.


A MACON MASSAGE parlor was closed because of prostitution. “Authorities spent … four years conducting surveillance and undercover ops.” Four years?! That’s a whole lot of undercover ops.


COURT CASES ARE moving faster, down to 163 days from indictment to closure. My daddy was a lawyer in Georgia in the 1930s. He told me in those days once a trial started, it was usually over, along with appeals, etc., within a month or two. That included death penalty cases. Hmmm.


“EXPERTS” SAY KIDS will behave better by watching public TV rather than the blood-and-guts stuff that’s everywhere. The blood and guts is definitely bad; but consider that since its inception, public TV has done its best to brainwash kids with socialism. And it’s worked!


THE 15TH STREET corridor had a $1.8 million “study” done. And that gets nothing built, just studied. The story, alas, is filled with standard dead-giveaway leftwing lingo.


THIS IS A RAVE for the new Holiday Inn Express that will soon be coming to downtown. It looks like the investment in the TEE Center is already paying off. Hopefully this new hotel will convince the other hotels on Broad Street to upgrade and modernize. This is great news for downtown!


THE PEOPLE WHO elected Marion Williams saw how he acted before and elected him again. They deserve him. Just keep him in Augusta.


NOBODY WANTS TO take guns away from responsible gun owners. The fear mongers just want your vote and your money.



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Rants and raves

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Shutdown would hit Augusta hard