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ON FEB. 19, the Augus­ta Commission had a meeting of the minds, but it wasn’t well attended.


IT FINALLY HAPPENED. I am 65; I have always received tax return money. This year I have to pay. My country is suffering because of Democrats, Obama and new taxes.


TO MY FELLOW Chris­tians who refuse to accept the change that is happening in our United States, please remember this verse from Matthew: “So the last shall be first, and the first last …” Or to put it another way, the minority will be the majority.


A RAVE FOR TRICHINA at Shoe Carnival. She went out of her way to help my 90-year-old grandmother get fitted for new shoes. We are not used to getting good service at Augusta stores.


I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the Democrats, of the People’s Republic of America. And to the welfare state for which they stand, one nation, under Obama, with higher taxes and free birth control for all.


TELL ME AGAIN WHAT Hillary Clinton achieved in her four years as secretary of state? A lot of frequent flyer miles! The only thing she will be remembered for is the Benghazi debacle.


TO THE CROTCH ROCKET who cut me off on Old Petersburg Road: I know it was intentional, and you should pray that I have great brakes and a conscience.


THE FEDS PLAN to sue Standard & Poor’s for bad business ratings? That’s like losing a baseball game and suing the scorekeeper.


RANT TO THE GIRL in the yellow Volkswagen who almost hit us at the Columbia County library. She was going so fast and did not slow down, Honey, slow down before you hit someone.


TO THOSE COMPLAINING about Obama’s inauguration speech, they had a chance to do something about it last November. They probably stayed home or voted the communist ticket themselves. I for one did not bother listening to him. I cut the TV off that day.


PEOPLE OVER 70 believe the Super Bowl halftime was like what we used to call the “hoochie coochie” shows. It was not suitable for children.


LIBERALS BLAME conservatives for everything that is wrong, but these are the only responsible, working people in the U.S.


OF ALL PEOPLE, the president is not above the law.



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Rants and raves

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