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THE PREDICTORS OF the price of gasoline say the price per gallon is going to rise over the next few weeks. Has there ever been a time when the price went down?

I SEE THAT Robin Williams is trying to weasel his way out of the prison term he is serving. He hurt a lot of people who worked at the Community Mental Health Center at the time, so the sentence was fitting and needs to be served completely.

MARION WILLIAMS IS back on the Augusta Commission, and once again racism is the order of the day. Marion, you’re leading in the wrong direction.

GOOD LUCK WITH any business wanting to come to Augusta. That stunt by Williams to abstain for and against The Patch contract was the height of arrogance, irresponsibility and incompetence. The voters have spoken and got what they deserved.

THE FEDS CONTINUE to pour money down corrupt rat-holes while they refuse to cut spending. Now President Obama tries to scare Americans by refusing to cut Defense Department waste while he cuts our aircraft carrier force in the Persian Gulf in half.

I WISH I HAD A dash camera driving down Peach Orchard Road during the day to show the sheriff all the people and children who run any place across the busy four-lane highway dodging cars.

THE JOBS OF AUGUSTA human resources director and recreation and parks director have apparently been vacant for a year. If human resources and parks continue to operate OK, obviously those two positions are not needed.

AT VOTING TIME remember that the Democratic Party will keep at it until they ban and confiscate all privately owned guns.

RANT TO MARION Williams. You should be impeached, exiled and spanked.

RICHARD ROUNDTREE, I don’t think you should get a raise until you get out from behind your desk and get rid of those hoodlums in the mall so it is safe for us senior citizens to shop.

A SOLUTION TO the debt crisis: I say we go ahead and sell California to China. They are so close to communism, I say let them have it.



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 21:08

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