Rants & Raves

RAVE FOR THE Second Amendment to our Constitution. It was put in place in case a tyrant ever came to power again the American people could defend themselves against the evil tyrant. After 235 years, it is very clear that time is now.



RANT FOR MARION Williams, who is standing in the way of progress in this once-great city. If you are intentionally blocking votes for this city to progress, you should be sued for dereliction of duty. People like you are the reason people are moving out.


THE SLOW construction on Bobby Jones Expressway has caused nothing but chaos and hardship for those who live in the Augusta area and travel on a daily basis.


PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS been wrong on just about everything he has done. But he is absolutely right on killing so-called Americans fighting for the enemy. I hope he continues targeting them.


RAVE FOR DELINQUA at the Publix bakery on Washington Road. She did a phenomenal job on my husband’s birthday cake. It was so delicious, there was not a crumb left.


THE AUGUSTA Com­mis­sion has managed to get yet another person to quit taking over The Patch. Good luck to the new director to try to improve what can be changed and to maintain the good of The Patch.


WHY IN TARNATION do you want to mess with the success of Global Spectrum? If it was so easy, you would not have had all those years of financial spirals. Leave those great people alone.


NORTH AUGUSTA IS coming alive. I cannot wait to see the riverside project complete with world-class outside cafes. What great evenings lie ahead. Change is good, folks.


TO THE ZAXBY’S in North Augusta: The cashier gave us a Kiddie Finger meal free when my son threw his into the trash on accident. There are still some good customer service people in this world. Way to go, Zaxby’s, for hiring a good employee.


PLEASE STOP MESSING around when it comes to affecting us, the taxpayers. When will the Augusta Commission act like adults and do the right thing in regard to The Patch and the lease agreement? I don’t blame Virginia Beach Golf Management. Enough is enough, commission.


IS THE SPEED LIMIT posted for Bobby Jones Expressway just a recommended speed?


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 23:54

Rants and raves