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I AGREE WITH Pres­i­dent Obama that the middle class needs help. Why will he not approve the Keystone pipeline or open more public lands for drilling so that many thousands of great paying middle-class jobs will be created? Could it be that environmental politics are more important?!


I REALLY ENJOY the online responses to the daily rants. The respondents obviously have a lot of time on their hands and no vested interest in improving our society by doing something more than complaining. I really enjoy deciphering the code words!


SO, YOU ARE TRYING TO make a secretary of state responsible for violence in a foreign country? What happened to making Cowboy Bush and Dick “Shoot ’em Up” Che­ney and their fellow millionaires responsible for the hundreds of millions of dollars they and their cronies cost the U.S. by galloping lone-style into wars? With private companies that benefited highly? Let’s get those monies back before any ridiculous accusations about making a secretary of state responsible for foreign violence!


AUGUSTA HAS TO BE one of the dullest cities of its size in the country. There are two things to do. One is go to church and the other is to get fat.


RE: THE BUSINESS cleanups downtown. Don’t we have nonviolent parolees who could do the service? Can we not get some folks who are on unemployment pay to do some work for even one or two hours a couple of days a week?


IF YOU NEED A GUN to feel more like a man, I think you have deeper-rooted issues.


IT SOUNDS AS IF Geor­gia House Speaker David Ralston wants to charge a fee to anybody who wants to speak to his own state rep or senator. If we can’t speak to our reps, why have ’em?


THOUGH I FULLY support building a border fence in theory, can’t it be in the middle of the Rio Grande instead of on our side? How else are we and the critters, wild and domestic, going to get to the water?



Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:39

Free school supplies event scheduled next week at Jenkins-White Elementary

Amerigroup Community Care will help local students restock their school supplies next week at Jenkins-White Elementary Charter School.

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