Man cited for condition of dogs

North Augusta authorities cited a man Monday for the condition of dogs at his residence.


Ben Gamble III, 42, of the 1100 block of Austin St., in North Augusta, was charged with ill treatment to animals, a city code violation, after an officer patrolling the area saw a dog running loose and then found dogs tethered with chains and without food or water in Gamble’s backyard, according to an incident report at the North Augusta Department of Public Safety.

About 9:30 a.m. Monday, the officer saw a dog without a collar running loose. He approached the dog, but it ran into the backyard. The officer followed the dog and found two other dogs chained around their necks. Neither dog had access to food, water or shelter. One of the dogs was eating a puppy, according to the report.

Gamble told him that a dog house had been stolen from his backyard the night before. He said the dogs had broken their collars and he had run out of dog food the previous night, according to the report.

Gamble also said that one of the dogs didn’t belong to him and someone was coming to pick it up.

The officer additionally issued two warnings for having a dog without restraint and not having rabies tags for the dogs.

The officer will continue to monitor the area to check on the dogs, according to the report.



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