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THE RECESSION WILL be over when teachers no longer have furlough days.


A NEW LAW ON GEORGIA car taxes makes car leasing more expensive. Georgia politicians are no different from Wash­ing­ton pols. All they do is grab more money and more power.


THE AUGUSTA COMMIS­SION was in session for six hours? It is about time they looked like they were working.


THANK GOD FOR bringing me 68 long years on this Earth. God has blessed me plenty. I want to thank him for my health and my family.


RAVE FOR A YOUNG man named Elliot at University Hospital. He went beyond the call of duty and went to get my car at the emergency room when I could hardly walk. Thanks to him and the nurse for helping us.


RANT TO ALL YOU Audry Murpheyette wannabes. Careful what you wish for, ladies.


TELL WALTER WILLIAMS that Social Security is not a handout or an entitlement.


RANT TO SOUTH CAROLINA’S early voting. Please eliminate the voter fraud before giving the Democrats more time to game the system. Democrats love early voting because it gives more time to bus their voters to the polls and come up with more fraudulent votes.


DEMOCRATS WILL NOT accept responsibility for the recession they created when they controlled the House and the Senate, but they want to take credit for the recovery that the Republican-controlled House has orchestrated.


A SEMI-AUTOMATIC (one round per trigger pull) AR-15 is an “assault weapon” in the hands of a private citizen; yet an automatic (multiple rounds per trigger pull) M-16 is a “personal defense weapon” in the hands of federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel. That’s scary.


THERE IS NO WAY TO take guns from dangerous people. No one knows when a person can snap. There have been police who snap and kill, so who knows who will snap and when? How do you stop people from this?


THE U.S. IS considering a drone base in Niger. Every U.S. war since WWII has begun with a small first step. This will prove to be the first step to a U.S. war in the middle of Africa. What on earth is Obama thinking?



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