Rants & Raves



WORD THAT SAXBY CHAMBLISS will not run for the U.S. Senate next year is the first thing he’s done right. Let him go.


HILLARY SHOUTS IT’S her job “to figure out what happened and to…prevent it from ever happening again.” That’s the standard Obama excuse for failure. Just let failure happen, then after the fact, claim the job is to not let it happen again. Tell that to four dead Americans.


OBAMA PLANS TO “weigh debt options.” When you owe money, there is only one option; anything else is a con game. You pay back the money, period.


SO YOU MIGHT NEED your guns to fight off the government? Well, when armored personnel carriers with machine guns rumble down your street, good luck with that.


IN A LIFE-THREATENING situation when seconds count and help is only minutes away, being armed is your best defense.


CALLING AN AR-15 an “assault rifle” is the same as putting racing stripes, mag wheels, ground effects, and glass packs on a ’75 Ford Pinto and calling it a race car.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN wants to allow illegal immigrants to get away with breaking U.S. laws because McCain wants Republicans to get more Latino votes. Obviously, McCain doesn’t care about our laws being enforced, just about getting votes.


SEVERAL STATES, e.g., Idaho, Oregon and Texas, have said they will refuse to enforce illegal laws being pushed by Obama. Where are Georgia’s leaders? Are they afraid to stand up to the federal attack on constitutional state’s rights?


WHEN I SAW THE PHOTO of the folks waiting in line for the gun show, I did not think of hunters and patriots. Instead I saw hundreds of potential psychos arming themselves against an imaginary Armageddon and innocent schoolchildren.


I AM CONSTANTLY AMAZED people actually apply to work for Augusta’s dysfunctional city government!


NOBODY IN THEIR right mind needs an assault rifle. They should be for the military only. A pistol for protection or a rifle for hunting is all a normal person needs, period. Assault weapons need to be outlawed, but I am afraid it will never happen.



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