Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


ON JAN. 28, my husband and I were at the Uptown VA. My wheelchair became a little difficult for him to handle. A lovely lady and her husband, senior citizens as we are, stopped to help. She took me to my husband’s sign-in area and after signing him in, she waited with me for him to catch up. I neglected to get their names but will forever be in their debt for being there when we needed friends. Angels do not necessarily have wings.

BIG RAVE FOR the staff at U-Turn Thrift Store on Gordon Highway. I accidentally left my wallet on the counter, and a lady who works there walked across busy Gordon High­way to return it before I had even missed it. Random acts of kindness still happen.

RAVES TO THE mother of the Grovetown High student who stood on the corner of William Few and Long Creek Falls with a sign that read: “I was suspended for three days for bullying.” Thank you for teaching your son the importance of love and tolerance.

THANK GOODNESS, Sonny Perdue will not run for something else. After we got him out of the Governor’s Mansion, maybe we can get some decent Board of Regents people appointed and correct the names of our university and hospital!

NBC NEWS REPORTED an “assault-style” rifle (whatever that is) was not used at Sandy Hook. Of course, the Democrats have never let facts get in the way of exploiting a crisis.

UNDER DROUGHT CONDITIONS we are to conserve the water, yet out on Walton Way in front of Langford Middle School a hose has been hooked to a hydrant and flowing since before Christmas!

AN AMERICAN Chris­tian pastor is locked up in Iran. Both Hillary and Obama do nothing to help this man.

WHOEVER CAME UP with the bottleneck at Bobby Jones and Deans Bridge Road: There was nothing wrong with the way it was. Now it is piled up 30 cars deep. Talk about a waste of money. Whoever came up with it needs to look for another job.

RANTS FOR PEPSI. It is a shame they could pay one person $50 million for one commercial. I am Afro-American and so is Beyonce. She isn’t worth that amount. People are hurting and hungry. They could have done donated to hungry and poor people who need a home.



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