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I AM SHOCKED THAT a conservative newspaper like this one would parade homosexuality around on the front page with a headline like “She was my wife.” I am truly sorry for the loss of Officer Rogers and respect her service, but there’s no need to share her private life with us. This article seemed more like a propaganda piece for gay marriage.


IMMIGRATION REFORM = Citizenship for Invaders.


TO THE RANTER WHO waited 15 minutes behind someone at Bojangles’: Was that an exaggeration? I would never waste my gas or school time like that. Start honking at one-minute mark, at most.


IT’S GOOD TO COME UP with new ways of teaching our kids in elementary schools, as reported in The Augusta Chronicle, but the question remains: Are the overall performance levels improving year after year in these schools? Some teachers get carried away with their own experiments and forget that they are there in the first place to teach the children.


RANT TO NBC NEWS when reporting on New­town shooting. The shooter used handguns only; four were found by police in the school. Check out Chicago. It has the highest (illegal) handgun crimes.


RANT FOR THE 60 Minutes Obama-Clinton interview. I could not stomach any more pat-on-the-back slobbering responses. It almost made me puke.


I LOOK FORWARD TO the business features each Monday in The Chronicle. Seed Master’s Unlimited Cafe was a marvelous story about Barbara Cha­ney, who not only serves delicious homemade meals but also provides free holiday meals for the homeless during Christmas.


WANT TO REBUILD the rundown section of Augusta and increase the tax base? Then change the zoning code to allow pre-built homes. No, I am not talking mobile homes. I am talking $65k-$100k, HUD/FHA-approved homes.


RAVE FOR THE GUYS at Fire Station No. 6 – Richmond Hill Road. They were very helpful when I brought in my 85-year-old grandmother on Jan. 26, concerned and attentive to her needs.


RANT TO AUGUSTA DRIVERS. Learn what it means to stop and let emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances go by. The next life they save might be yours!



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Rants and raves

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