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RAVES TO THE Lexington-Richland District 5 school board for firing Scott Compton for stomping on MY flag. The attorney representing him should be disbarred, as well.

LET’S SUPPORT THOSE organizations such as New Bethlehem Community Center that are doing great things for the community. Their activities include a food pantry, clothing closet, GED classes, computer literacy classes, senior program and after school program.

WONDERING HOW A true believer in God can vote for the Democratic platform with its liberal views against pro-life and endorsing the homosexual agenda? How ’bout you Catholics?

HOPE THOSE GUN BUYERS who willingly paid twice the value for assault rifles and heavy artillery will be sure to lock those weapons safely away. Otherwise if they get stolen and used in a crime, we ought to charge you with the cost of hospital bills and/or funeral expenses for the victim, not to mention charges and fines for hazardous handling of dangerous materials.

THAT’S TRULY PITIFUL how the name of the hospital is also now named after our state regents. We need a new board and new governor to appoint some more sane people.

IF YOU PUT A CLOTH napkin on your lap in a restaurant, please put it on the table when you leave instead of just letting it fall on the floor. Someone can get seriously hurt if they trip on it!

BIG RAVE FOR Steve Crawford for his front page article on Sandy Rogers and her partner of 27 years.

AUGUSTA CHRONICLE, you couldn’t provide any news of a major house fire in North Augusta. Are we not in your news area anymore? REALLY?

A HUGE RANT to The Augusta Chronicle. What a shock and such a feeling of disgust I had Jan. 27, to open my Chronicle and see the feature story on Sandy Rogers you chose for the front page. This story should have been hidden in the opinion section or never ever appeared in the newspaper at all.

I DID NOT HEAR any big outcry about gun control from Obama when the shocking 2011 homicide figures from Chicago were released. The number was over 500 and included children, as well as adults. Let’s treat deaths by guns a great tragedy no matter where it occurs.



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Rants and raves

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