Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A BIG RAVE FOR Brett Heimlich a medical student at GRU, for his community service in the Harrisburg neighborhood. He deserves the American Medical Association Foundation’s 2013 Leadership Award which he will receive on Feb. 11 in Washington D.C. Brett, you are an inspiration to all of us!


RANT FOR THE LACK of enforcement from Columbia County on trashy yards. Oak Springs Drive is a prime example.


IF WE REALLY WANT to interpret historical documents literally, the Declaration of Independence declares, “All MEN are created equal.” That interpretation dignifies the chauvinistic attitude that many men continue to harbor in our present day.

Do we really think the 2nd Amendment meant form your own armies?


WHY IS TED NUGENT still in America? Did he not promise to leave if Obama were re-elected?


LAYOFFS AT Inter­national Paper and Procter & Gamble, the plant closing in Wrens, higher unemployment, wage and economic stagnation, etc. Welcome to four more years of Obama’s anti-business economy. I hope you folks who voted for him are happy.


WHAT DOES IT MEAN when Hillary Clinton says that she accepts full responsibility for the Benghazi debacle? She will not suffer any punishment. Sad to see that nobody will be held accountable for those that died.


I DON’T CARE WHAT the Joint Chiefs chairman says. You can bet that the standards will be lowered over the years to allow women to become combat soldiers.


RAVE FOR THE article on the front page of the Opinion section Jan. 20, but it didn’t go far enough. If one wants to find out more about why Americans are abandoning positive traditional culture just pick up a copy of the book The Naked Communist; it makes for a good read.


THOSE WHO CAN’T appreciate Rev. Joseph Lowery and his history lessons are ignorant. You have to learn about the sins of the past to understand not to repeat them in the present or future.


WHY ON EARTH DID the high and mighty Georgia Regents have to blemish the name of the hospital? Its reputation was bad enough for poor service without putting Regents into it.