Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



CONGRATS TO THE ASU Lady Jaguars for their best start ever! Keep up the great work, ladies, and hopefully see you in the finals!


I HOPE THE anniversary of Casey Vice’s murder will be hammered home to the abuse survivors and mainly current abuse victims to go ahead and get away from abusers.


WHAT WAS THE MAKE, model and year of the car found under the Sand Bar Ferry Bridge? Inquiring minds want to know.


DEMOCRATS ANNOUNCE plans to ban 150 types of now-legal weapons. I seem to remember our president telling us he was not going to do this during his campaign.


THE CHILDREN’S Med­ical Center is getting the Azziz/Regents treatment. In another time, someone who came into the area and caused this much turmoil would be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.


BIG RAVE FOR FPL’S tremendous donation of food to Golden Harvest! Not only are you a caring community business, but you have helped literally well over 165,000 meals.


RAVE FOR ASU FANS. At the big giveaway of GRU T-shirts at a basketball game, employees of the university were “encouraged” to wear the GRU shirts because it was the first game for Regent U. When the new name was announced at halftime, the crowd booed so loud that the big announcement was drowned out. We have counted one person wearing the despicable shirt at the two following games. Way to go, die-hard ASU fans!


TOO BAD SO MANY young people have no sense of basic courtesy or respect on buses to just grab front seats and stay seated. But I have thankfully seen a lot of nice young people. A particular group of young ladies and gentlemen from Paine College obviously do that on those trips on the often overcrowded Augusta Mall bus on Saturdays, and I heartily applaud them.


SO WITH HUNDREDS of cable channels, you complain because “two” of them were cut as prices increase? But how else can the cable company keep providing you with such a vast choice of channels to watch? If money is a problem, cut the cable completely.


SOMEONE WHO MAKES $45 million dollars somehow has to pay 60 percent of it in taxes? Is he really so honest that he could not find a single loophole?