Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


GLAD TO READ the speed limits will be enforced. Speeders on Highway 56 will obey or pay! Thank you, Sheriff Roundtree!

I WONDER HOW MANY of the people who take time to complain actually take time to read the bills, proposals and amendments from our Congress? If you were to take a little more time to research and spend a little less time reacting, you would be better off.

I CAN’T BELIEVE THE audacity of these old GOP senators grilling Hillary Clinton about Benghazi. I understand and it was a bad situation. I would love to ask them about ALL the mistakes, outright lies, and poor leadership under their administration during the Iraq War. Are you serious?

THE ONLY POSITIVE about my Social Security taxes going up is that Obama supporters (the ones who work) will be getting shafted, too.

I AM A VETERAN with a quarter of a century of military service. I own several guns: I enjoy hunting and sports shooting. I do not feel a need to own an assault rifle. For those who do feel the need to own assault rifles, why don’t you join the less than 1 percent of us who have served in defense of this nation so you can understand the true purpose for owning one?

THEY ARE MAKING CARS smarter and smarter with computers. Here is what I would like to see one day – a car monitors our driving habits and the price you pay for gas reflects that. These idiots that drive like maniacs everywhere they go – excessive speeding, jack rabbit starts, slamming on breaks at the last minute at a red lights, etc. pay a higher price at the pump. You go to fill up, stick a card from your car into the pump, and the price you pay is based on your driving habits. In today’s prices, those of us that drive sensibly pay $2.80 a gallon while the bad drivers pay $4.

PAM TUCKER front page weather? She has advanced to a weather person?

THE U.S. GOVERNMENT is flat broke and Obama wants to spend more – dollars and lives – so he’s now got American troops going to “Turkey‘s border with Syria … to operate the Patriot (missile) batteries.” This is help-a-friend-defend-itself stuff is what’s got us into every war since the Korean War. Stand by for more dead Americans; stand by for ANOTHER war.