Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



GOV. NATHAN DEAL’S budget allocates for everything except raises for state employees. You get higher insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles each year with no pay increases in the past six years (which) makes your wages go in reverse. Thanks, Governor, for placing state employees who are attempting to provide for their families on the food stamp program.


A REALLY BIG RANT for the misleading, abridged comments with the slideshow on the May 11, 1970, riot. The Augusta Chronicle failed to mention that the black youth that was killed was killed by two other black youths. The FBI and Georgia follow-up investigations proved this. I know; I guarded them at RYDC, where they joked about it.


THE PRESIDENT SAYS he is committed to a balanced approach to cutting the $16.4 trillion national debt. So far his only approach is to tax the rich, which is a miniscule amount compared to the debt. When is he going to get serious and include spending cuts and entitlement reform?


IF PRESIDENT OBAMA has never prepared a budget and has no intention of ever presenting one to Congress, why do we need the Office of Management and Budget? What do those people do all day? Shouldn’t that entire agency be abolished?


DID THE REV. LUIS Leon his inauguration prayer, say “do unto others” came from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.? King got it from Jesus.


THANK YOU FOR THE editorial “Drowning out the Doubt.” This was not just about a football game, but was a great lesson about life. Everybody should read it. I have cut it out for my grandchildren to read, especially the ones who are college bound. Keep up the good editorial work in your paper. Thank you.


RANT FOR THE LITTLE blue car that ran over my mailbox on Fairbluff Road. Thanks for nothing. I am 66 years old and disabled. I’ll try to get another one up somehow.


RAVE FOR WALTER Williams’ column about the breakdown of customs, traditions and moral values in this country. It is this kind of violence that is accepted everywhere in our society. That is the cause of our problems, not selling guns.


I WOULD LIKE TO THANK Miss Jennifer and Miss Christine at Serenity for helping me while I was there. They really put in the effort to help me find somewhere to go when I was homeless and in treatment.