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I HAD TO TRAVEL Gordon Highway the other day and I couldn’t believe how slow people were driving in the left lane. Hey, the left lane is for fast moving traffic, so get out of the way! Oh, and if you don’t, I will ride your bumper!


WHY DO TWO OF our four TV stations schedule local news for 6 p.m. when they know the basketball game won’t end before 6:30 and sometimes later?


AFTER READING THE article about the vast amount of money Augusta spends on legal counsel, I feel very compelled to say: 1) Take a lesson from Columbia County and hire a firm that has enough law diversity that they can handle any kind of litigation; 2) Stay within lawful boundaries when making decisions; 3) Hire the best people for jobs, regardless of skin color; 4) Do what is best for all of Augusta and our future.


IF THE SOUTH FOUGHT like they drive in Richmond County, it’s no wonder we lost the uncivil war. Where is everyone going so fast ... slow down and be safe.


RAVES. I PULLED up to pay for my coffee at Starbucks, was told it had been paid for and they said, have a good day. Thank you.


WHILE THE CREDIT agencies are ready to pounce and downgrade us again, Washington just sits there and does little or nothing to address the problem of debt and deficits. They need to wake up since we are heading down the path that Greece went! Mr. President you need to show leadership on this issue.


OBAMA PRETENDS TO care about children, but he and his party of Democrats agree with killing 3.5 million unborn children last year.


ROUNDTREE, TAKE THE motorcycle cop off Berckmans Road and put him on Bobby Jones where he can do some good.



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 23:44

Rants and raves