Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



PAYING PEOPLE TO donate blood is asking for trouble with a safe blood supply. There are already too many people who try to donate despite obvious unsafe health conditions.


A RAVE FULL OF gratitude for the person who turned my husband’s wedding ring in to the Lost and Found at Eisenhower Army Medical Center. This symbol of 31 years of marriage was irreplaceable. Thank you for being caring and honest when you could have so easily seen it as a windfall to be sold at a gold-buying place. Thank you, thank you.


THE ONLY TIME liberals don’t use children as political props is when it’s a Pro-Choice Rally.


YES, THE CITY WOULD be a lot more visually and physically appealing if it would assign non-violent probationers to do clean up and yard work of sorts. And now’s the time of year to start since the Masters is coming.


THE RICHMOND COUNTY BOE discriminates against white people. The only people I see promoted are black.


NOTE TO PEOPLE who think that they are not being watched: There are cameras everywhere.


RAVES TO WALTER Williams’ column: Are guns the problem? Or is it the breakdown of civilized society? He summarized the slippery slope that started years ago. Pseudo-intellectuals continue to close their eyes to the real problems – themselves.


NO CHARGES FOR driving the wrong way for three miles on River Watch Parkway? Great start for our new sheriff.


IT’S GOOD TO SEE the viewer-support dollars we send to GPB being put to such good use as paying the six-figure salaries of the former politicians who now run the company.


JUST BECAUSE OBAMA is the darling of the media does not mean he should give them a pass when it comes to the mass shootings. There is no doubt that media violence, including video games, play a part in affecting how people think and act. There is more to the problem than just guns!


WHY IS AMERICA SO enamored with adopting children from foreign countries and giving billions in unappreciated aid to these countries? Wake up America and help your own before it’s too late.