Rants & Raves



IN THE PHOTO OF Gretchen Caughman in the Metro section of The Chronicle, the university identification on the back wall lacked the name Augusta. It looks like to me that the con game continues! Let’s never forget that the agreement was to add Augusta to the university name.


I WILL NEVER understand how my great-grandfather lived to be 97 without all of these so-called vitamins and supplements. No flu shots, no pills; just good, clean living.


RANT TO THE the Board of Elections and The Augusta Chronicle. In Hephzibah, I saw a lady vote for herself and then said she needed to vote for her daughter, too, since she was at work. The lady said it’s OK. I know her daughter, and that lady voted twice. I complained about it then and nobody did anything about it.


RAVE FOR SHERIFF ROUNDTREE. When a new sheriff is elected, they have the right to demote or promote who they want. Each sheriff who comes in has that right.


THE REASON THE DEER population is down in recent years is the coyote population is up.


IF EVERYONE WORKED as hard as the young man advertising pizza on the corner of Alexander Drive and Washington Road on Sunday mornings, the world would be a better place!


RANT TO THE GIRL sitting at the drive-thru at Bojangles’ on Walton Way searching through your car for what looked like change to finish paying for your order. After almost 15 minutes, you finally get it paid and pull up to the exit only to sit there searching your car again for something? I had to honk at you to go, and thanks to you, got my daughter to school late! Next time, pull over! If you had been considerate and moved up so others could have gone, I’d have been happy to pay for your food!


UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA professor Keith Poole studies congressional voting trends. He recently stated that Repub­licans are now more conservative than they’ve been in 100 years, especially in the House, which is dominated by the GOP’s “hell no caucus.” No wonder hardly anything gets done in Congress these days.