Rants & Raves

ONE THING IS FOR sure. The president isn’t going to let a little thing called the Constitution get in the way of what he wants.



WOW, THE NUMBER of spelling and grammatical errors in the obituaries are more than a deceased person deserves. Take a moment to check these things out, funeral homes and others, before submitting them for publication.


WHY IS IT LIBERALS ARE the first to hide behind the Constitution, expand its original intent, and the first to circumvent it when they are in power and it gets in their way?


IRONY IS President Obama using $500 million more deficit dollars for a gun control ban package, knowing the taxpayers funded the assault on their constitutional rights against themselves.


PRESIDENT OBAMA AND Attorney General Eric Holder say they will not defend or enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and certain portions of immigration law because they believe it is unconstitutional. I have decided not to abide by President Obama’s executive order banning certain guns and magazines because I think it is unconstitutional. Gee! I really like how this liberalism thingy works!


A FRIEND SHOWED ME some quotes from Rev. Lowery. We shouldn’t give racists like this an open forum to express their hatred; just because he is black does not give him free rein.


A RANT TO ALL you liberals: As it turns out, the most dangerous place to be for you and your family are “Gun Free Zones” and states with the most restrictions on guns.


I’M 59. I RECEIVED my first rifle when I was 14. I’ve carried a handgun, almost daily for the past 10 years. I’ve never had a gun fire by itself.



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