Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



NATHAN DEAL IS so over; the Board of Regents is a laughingstock. A memo to Dr. Ricardo Azziz: The bigger they think they are, the harder they fall, and I am confident you will.


PROBABLY THE MOST important school in the Richmond County system is the Alternative School at Tubman. So you put a person doing the worst job in the system to be the principal there. Put a well-qualified person at Tubman.


THANK YOU TO THE Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. My son had car problems on his way to college. Three police cars came to help. So many times people say bad things about the police but the good doesn’t get reported. I don’t know their names, but may God bless you and your families. It was a dangerous situation. Thank you.


WHY DOES IT SEEM that people always have something negative to say about someone who is working so hard to keep children together? I like Dr. Frazier. My son goes to Tubman. The structure that he puts up is great. The staffers are great teachers. Back off Dr. Frazier and let the man do his job.


IT SURE WOULD BE nice if North Augusta would put a stop light at Five Notch and Pisgah before a wreck takes place.


IF YOU COME TO MY house to retrieve my guns, you will not want to receive the part of the gun you get. It definitely won’t be the butt.


RANT TO CLEMSON: I asked a friend who is a Clemson University fan why Clemson doesn’t try to get into the SEC. He said they don’t want to play the top teams in the SEC.


ON COLUMBIA COUNTY Transit, the young people take the first seats. They won’t even move for older people or the handicapped. Some people these days have no respect.


WHY IS IT THAT Knology can cut off two stations on you and raise your bill $7? Can you explain that to me?


RAVE TO NORTH Augusta and its leaders. The river development is great. North Augusta’s business district is perpendicular to the riverfront, which does not take up valuable riverfront, while Augusta’s riverfront is nothing but old buildings. That is what hinders the Augusta side. They have stripped all the beauty and put up buildings.



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